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I am Kaili Smith and I am going to write about horses. I am going to write about horses because I love horses and I want to share my knowledge about them and also learn even more from other people. I am a very experienced rider and I give horseback riding lessons and also train horses! I am also always looking for people in my area who need help with their horses or want horseback riding lessons from children to adults!

Also, I am currently looking for a Quarter Horse to do barrel racing with! If you live in Southern Indiana and have a horse for sale or a horse that you need help with then you have found your person! I currently am training a not broke, never really been worked with mustang for a horse rescue. I also am training a thoroughbred for a person in southern Indiana. The thoroughbred has not been ridden in 6 years and has to start completely over in training. I am training this horse and I can handle and train ANY horse to do just about anything!


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This blog is all about horses: horse training, lessons, sports, photography, and more!